NuFree Nudesse what is that?!

Alright beauty babes, for this addition to the Beauty Blog I’m going to be talking about NuFree Nudesse. You’re probably asking yourself, “What the heck is that??” Well I’m here to answer that for you. 

NuFree Nudesse is the “wax” we use at Serenity Beauty Bar. But NuFree Nudesse isn’t actually a wax, have I confused you to no end yet? NuFree Nudesse is a non-wax hair removal process which means it won’t stick to your skin and cause irritation or the dreaded lifting! 

For those of you who don’t know what lifting is or have never experienced it, lifting is your skin lifting off or ripping off during the waxing process. This happens when the wax is too hot, there is too much wax and it has been left on for too long or if the client is taking or using products that thins out the skin making it more sensitive. 

Lifting can be painful depending on the severity of it and it will scab. If the client takes proper care of the area during the healing process then there shouldn’t be any scarring or lasting effects. However, depending on severity and a client’s aftercare it could leave a scar. Lifting really isn’t fun, trust me I know, its happened to me. It wasn’t severe but I did have patches on my brows and upper lip that have lifted and it doesn’t look pretty. 

The nice thing with NuFree Nudesse is that the product is a non-wax so it won’t adhere to your skin, therefore lifting is very rare with this product. The only time someone will experience lifting with this product is if they are taking or using something that causes the skin to become sensitive and thinner. 

NuFree Nudesse was developed 25 years ago to assist plastic surgeons with hair removal before surgery. Since then it has landed in the beauty industry and is carried by thousands of professional salons throughout the world. I am happy to say that Serenity Beauty Bar is one of those professional salons. We only use NuFree Nudesse for our brow and facial waxing and I believe we are the only salon in Barrie and the surrounding area to do so. 

NuFree Nudesse is a self-preserving product that is antibacterial and antimicrobial. Whoa! What is that? Well all of that means the product is safe, clean and germ free at all times. So if I really wanted to which I really don’t want to and never ever will, I could double dip my wax sticks into this non-wax and there will never be any transfer of bacteria or germs. Hard to believe right? Well because thats hard to believe and because I am such a germophobe when it comes to my business I will never ever test it nor will I ever double dip my wax sticks. Yuck! 

Now lets talk about some nicer things with this product. NuFree Nudesse is completely botanical and safe to use on the entire body. It has been scientifically tested and uses no animal products so it is vegan friendly. On top of that it is very gentle, I’ve had many clients come to me for a brow wax and they always say the last place they had their brows waxed it hurt, swelled, they were red all day or it was very hot. After their first brow wax experience with me they are blown away with how gentle and little they feel with this product. Plus my clients hardly experience redness, maybe a little pink but nothing extreme and by the time they walk out of my studio their skin looks normal.

I always like to finish a brow wax with a product called Finipil, its the perfect pairing to NuFree Nudesse. This product is a scientifically approved, patented, FDA registered OTC antiseptic made by Equibal Labs. Was that a mouth full or what? Basically this product is amazing for post-waxing! Its an antiseptic so it kills 99.999% of germs and bacteria, it helps to cool and sooth the skin while protecting the empty hair follicle, reduces redness and protects against ingrown hairs. Pretty much the superhero of post-waxing aftercare. Have you ever experienced those little bumps or pimples after a wax? Finipil helps to reduce that because it keeps the skin clean and protected, reducing the chances of those nasty post-waxing breakouts.

If you’ve never experienced NuFree Nudesse or Finipil before, you need to come in and see me to give it a try. It will change your brow game and will leave you pain free. If you don’t believe me for a minute about this product head over to their website and have a read for yourself, I’ve posted the link for you below!

Remember beauty babes, you are beautiful inside and out!