Lash Lift Aftercare 101

Lash Lifts are growing in popularity in the lash industry. The treatment works with your own natural lashes and provides little to no maintenance unlike its sister lash service of extensions. Eyelash Extensions can be a little more high maintenance in terms of their aftercare. Lash Lifts require very little in terms of aftercare, so if you’re a low maintenance type of gal this is the service for you. Just check out this before and after below! How gorgeous is that lash transformation?!

Our Lash Lift treatments take approximately 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes depending on whether or not you choose to add a tinting treatment. Once the treatment is completed you must keep the lashes dry for the next 24 hours. This is crucial because the treatment needs time to fully set into the lashes. Think of it as an old school perm, you weren’t allowed to get your hair wet for 24 hours so the curls would set. Same thing with a Lash Lift, we are curling your natural lashes up so the curl needs time to fully set. 

Serenity Beauty Bar offers a 48 hour satisfaction guarantee policy. If anything happens during the first 48 hours after your treatment such as the curl falls for your Lash Lift, we will redo the service complimentary. Due to this policy we ask our clients who receive a Lash Lift treatment to keep the lashes clean of any makeup for the first 48 hours so that we can determine if the curl fully set or if it didn’t set due to water or stubborn lashes. 

What I mean by stubborn lashes is that some lashes are naturally very thick or straight. Sometimes lashes like this need a double treatment for it to fully penetrate the lashes and keep them curled up. Its not common for people to have to return for a second treatment, however it is possible. This is why we provide the 48 hour satisfaction guarantee policy, to ensure the treatment takes and you love the way your lashes look. 

Once the first 48 hours is passed and you haven’t lost any curl to your lashes, your daily maintenance for your lashes is no different than what you were doing prior to the treatment. You don’t have to use any special cleansing products or aftercare treatments. Its your natural lashes so you can clean them as you normally would when  you wash your face morning and night. The only thing we recommend is using a Castor or Coconut Oil on your lashes before bed 2-3 times per week. If you forget its no big deal, you won’t loose your lashes or anything. We recommend this because it will help keep the lashes hydrated. Just like an old school perm, Lash Lifts can dry out the lashes slightly so by applying Castor or Coconut Oil 2-3 times a week will help boost the hydration levels in your lashes significantly giving you soft, healthy lashes. We will provide you with a mascara wand to take home with you so that you can apply the Castor or Coconut Oil with it or to brush through them to keep them straight.

We also get questions regarding makeup use after a Lash Lift. You can use any makeup you want after the 48 hour period is over. You can go back to wearing mascara, eyeshadow and/or eyeliner like you normally would. Most clients find they don’t need to wear any mascara for at least 2-3 weeks after the treatment, especially if they get their lashes tinted as well. 

Thats it! Simple isn’t it?! Lash Lifts are literally a no maintenance game so its perfect for those who are busy and always on the go, moms who don’t need to worry about aftercare or touch ups, or those low maintenance people who want a natural enhancement without any work. If you haven’t tried a Lash Lift yet, I highly recommend it! You won’t be disappointed!

You can check out the full list of our studio policies here.

Remember beauty babes, you are beautiful inside and out!

How do I take care of my Eyelash Extensions?

This is a great question and one that I get asked all the time. Taking care of your new or existing eyelash extensions can actually be quite easy. You just need to keep two things in mind while you’re wearing extensions, water and oil. 

You’re probably asking yourself why water and oil, thats weird?! Well I want you to keep water in mind because I want it to be a trigger for you to remember to always keep your eyelash extensions clean. How do you keep things clean, you get them wet, hence water. 

There is a debate going around with lash artists as to whether or not you are allowed to get your eyelash extensions wet as soon as you’ve had them done or touched up. Some lash artists are now cleaning or washing your lashes at the end of your services, but some tell you not to get your lashes wet for 24 hours.

So what do you do? Well in my experience lashing I have always told clients to keep their lashes dry for the first 24 hours to ensure the adhesive fully sets. I have been informed by the National Association of Lash Artists that it is okay to wash or clean a client’s lashes at the end of their service. This will help to rid any fumes from the eye area and decreases the risk of irritation. 

For myself since I have been a lash artist for a few years, I have never done this as soon as I have finished a set or touch up. So to implement it now feels strange because I need to do some testing and trials to see how the retention actually is before I start telling my clients its okay to get them wet any time after the service. 

For now I am going to stick to what is tried and true and that is to wait a minimum of 24 hours before you can get your lashes wet. I want to ensure that the adhesive is fully set so that there won’t be any retention issues. 

Now getting your lashes wet isn’t the only thing you need to be doing to ensure your lashes are clean and healthy. You also need to wash them, which we like to call a lash bath. Sounds cute right?! 

A lash bath is where you combine getting your lashes wet and using a cleanser deemed safe for eyelash extensions. Think of it as shampooing your hair but you’re shampooing your lashes. I’m sure we can all agree we wouldn’t last very long with dirty hair, so why go every day with dirty lashes?

So what cleanser is deemed safe for eyelash extensions? Well to be honest any thing that is oil free, which means it can be a foam, gel or liquid cleanser. You just have to make sure that the first ingredient is aqua or water. As soon as a product has aqua or water listed as the first ingredient, it is now deemed a water based product and contains no oils. 

The most common used cleansing product is a foam or gel based one because you can simple pump a small amount of the foam or gel onto your finger or a lint free applicator or a cleansing brush. Its easy and guaranteed that you’re actually applying the cleanser to the lashes.

We carry a gel based cleanser from the brand EyEnvy. It is their 2 in 1 cleansing gel. The 2 in 1 means it is a cleansing gel but also a mild exfoliator. The product is completely safe to be used on the eye area as well as your full face and neck. You can actually use this product with or without water. Now you need to keep in mind that this is a face cleanser not a makeup remover. So if you’re going to be wearing makeup with your eyelash extensions you need to remove your makeup first and then go in and give your lashes a deep, yet gentle lash bath.

If you have or would like to use the EyEnvy 2 in 1 Cleansing Gel for your lash baths, or maybe even for your full face, you do you girl. I would recommend using a fluffy brush, kinda like an eyeshadow brush, but clean that eyeshadow out first! Baby shampoo is the best for cleaning your makeup brushes FYI! Okay I need to keep on track here…

Alright you have your fluffy brush and the cleansing gel. What I would do is get the brush damp and pump a pea size amount of the cleanser onto it. Then gently go in and swirl that brush around, back and forth in your lashes and lash line. I would cleanse like this for at least 30 seconds. Then rinse the cleanser off of your eye with water and pat dry with a lint free towel, I tend to just use some paper towel because I know the lashes can’t snag and get pulled on it. Now you want to repeat this process for the other eye, I would rinse out the brush first so its fresh for your other eye. 

Once your lashes are clean and patted dry, go in with the mascara wand that is provided to you at every appointment. You have to gently comb through your lashes to make sure they are separated and straight. They tend to get a little criss cross and messy from the lash baths. 

Voila! Squeaky clean lashes that will help with your retention and natural lash health. Now if you went through a full cleanse and you’re still seeing makeup or build up, keep going girl! Give your lashes another lash bath, you want to make sure that there is no dirt, grim or build up left on your lashes. That build up isn’t healthy for your eyes or lashes so get rid of it!

It is recommended to give your lashes a lash bath twice a day. Ya you read that right! Twice a day girl! Why?! Because in the morning you wake up with natural oils and sleep residue on your eyes and lashes, so give them a lash bath to refresh them for the day. At night you have your makeup, natural oil and all the toxins, dirt and grim that builds up throughout the day from being out and about. So your face and definitely your lashes need a good cleansing to get rid of all this build up so that you can go to bed feeling fresh.

If you’re the type of girl who just splashes her face in the morning and is a 5 minute out the door type, than as long as you are giving your lashes a deep cleanse at the end of day that is good enough. But if you never cleanse your lashes and are afraid to get them wet, honey you are in for some discomfort! Leaving that build up on your lashes over time will cause infections and damage to your lashes and eye area. I’m not going to get into all the nitty gritty details of infections, thats for another blog post. For now just remember healthy lashes means clean lashes so give those babies a lash bath minimum once a day but best twice a day.

You’re probably sitting there thinking, damn girl this a lot of information, well I’m about to throw a little bit more your way. Don’t hate me but this is the second biggest thing you need to remember when wearing eyelash extensions.


Thats right beauty babes you cannot be using any type of oils, oil products or products that may contain oils on or around your eye area. Oils like to eat away at adhesives and break them down, so if you use oils or oil products on your eyes every day, chances are in 1-2 weeks your eyelash extensions will be gone.

So to maintain your retention you need to keep any oily products away from your eyes. If you have eye creams or serums that you put in our around your eyes you now want to move those away and apply them around your orbital bone. Um what is that? Basically your eye socket. So take your ring finger and gently press around your eye. The closer you are pressing to your eye the more it will press in and be soft and gushy. Now pull that back, do you feel it getting firmer? Ya thats your orbital bone, you want to press in your eye creams or serums in this area, this is your safe zone. I guarantee you, if you go past this part and go in closer to your eye area, the products you use will bleed onto the eyelid and therefore the lashes. 

Alright now what are the two big things you need to remember?… Ya girl water and oil. The final thing I will tell you is that you need to be gentle with your lashes so avoid rubbing, pulling or picking at them and definitely keep any type of eyelash curlers away from them!

If you follow all of that, I don’t see you having any issues with your lashes, lash health, or retention. If you have any questions from this blog post please send me an email I would love to answer them and clarify anything I can for you! Also check out the link below, its for our Eyelash FAQ page. This might help provide further information for you, but like I said if it doesn’t send me an email! I will also leave a link below for you to check out the EyEnvy 2 in 1 Cleansing Gel in case you’re interested in knowing more!

Remember beauty babes, you are beautiful inside and out!

New Beauty Blog

I will have to admit this is all very new to me. So lets start by introducing myself. My name is Kait Rak and I am the owner and operator of Serenity Beauty Bar. I’ve been working in the beauty industry for a number of years now. I have to say, I never thought I would end up where I am today. I originally studied photography in University and Collage. 

How does a photographer become a beauty salon business owner? Good question! Sometimes I wonder that myself. But lets be real. I wanted to become a fashion photographer and release my creativity to the world. Hard truth… It sucks being a female “photographer” in that world. You are constantly picked at and judged for your appearance not by your skill set. After killing myself assisting for some bigger photographers and feeling like hell doing it, I decided I needed to rediscover myself. 

I had to get back to my creative roots, which for me has always been painting. I abandoned that dream when I was a kid when I had a hard truth that painters only make it big when they’re dead. Well I’m all for the starving artist life but I still love some sushi once in a while. 

How can I do what I love and still make a life out of it? My answer was in front of my face the whole time I was on set during photo shoots… a makeup artist. Yup! So I ditched the judgemental fashion photography scene and headed back to school for makeup artistry.

Now after going through university and collage this little go getter was a bit strapped for cash. So I did what I could with what I had and took an intensive one year makeup course that I loved! I learned so much from it even though most of the time my hair was falling out over how jammed pack it was with information and how I had to be perfect. 

After I graduated from beauty school I went to work for Sephora, yup I was a Sephora girl who had to wear that silly tunic that definitely looked like a Star Trek nightie. All jokes aside I did learn a lot from Sephora in terms of how to talk to people. I’ve always been an introvert who hated meeting new people. But living in Toronto and working where I did, helped me to break through and become more of my true self. 

After paying my dues in the retail life I needed a change. I love makeup up so much and I wanted to learn more but had no more resources to head back to school for special effects makeup. So what do I do? I reinvent myself again! I signed up to be a BeneBabe with Benefit Cosmetics and learned how to properly wax and shape eyebrows. But again I got dragged back into retail, where numbers mattered more than the artistry. So what should my next step be? If you guessed reinvent myself, yeah you’re about right! 

I have a friend who was working for a lash and brow bar in Toronto and she hooked me up with an apprenticeship to learn lashes and brows from the owner. Obviously I jumped on that opportunity because I wanted to keep learning and I had to get out of retail. So I learned lashes and I mean I learned everything with lashes, eyelash extensions, eyelash tints, eyelash lifts, you name it. I worked at this lash and brow bar for a while and I really enjoyed it but there always comes a time when a person needs to move on. 

I left and started freelancing and working part time for another lash bar. I can tell you this there are a lot of shady and uneducated lash bars in Toronto. It drove me up the wall working for someone who was so willing to cut corners and risk a person’s eye health for the sake of money. Needless to say I didn’t last long there. 

Long story short, here I am, I got the heck out of dodge, came back to my home town and built my own place. I learned quickly that I had to be my own boss because I am the type who will bust my butt to do anything and everything for my boss, but then the treatment you get in return leaves you feeling unappreciated and like a waste. So why kill myself like that for someone else? Why not just do that for me? So thats what I did and Serenity Beauty Bar was born! 

It was a long road through getting funding to renovations to actually opening the door to clients. But I am here and I am doing everything in my power to make it into something amazing. I’m not your typical business owner or boss, its super weird to call myself that, boss, huh. Any way I digress. The type of business owner and boss I want to be is one who is always there for their employees and clients. I’m one who loves education so if someone who works for me or gets services from me has questions, I will always answer them. 

I want my place to be the best place to come to where you can relax and enjoy yourself. I’m not pretentious, stuck up, judgemental or any of those snooty characteristics that I have found a lot of people have in the beauty industry, especially Toronto. I’m a pretty down to earth person who wants to help make someones day that extra bit special. I love making people feel good and I think what I am doing now is the best way to go about it.

Again long story short, thats me in a nut shell and thats how I got to where I am today. The other things I can tell you is that I hold multiple certifications in classic and volume eyelash extension applications and lash lift and tint applications. I am also a registered and accredited member and certified educator through the National Association for Lash Artists (NALA). 

NALA is an amazing organization that sets high standards for the lash industry and is always the leader in education and procedures. I will leave a link so you can take a look for yourself. 

I had no idea how I would start this blog off or what my first post should be, so I said screw it let me lay out who I am in black and white for everyone to get to know. Its time I fully exposed myself to my readers and clients. So with that being said I hope you enjoyed getting to know me and I hope you stop in and see me soon at Serenity Beauty Bar, located at 331 Bayfield st. second floor, wink wink, nudge nudge. No but in all seriousness I would love to have you stop in for a visit, even if its just to see the space, maybe ask some questions or actually come in for a service. I would love to meet you. 

As always if you have any questions or concerns always reach out, I am always here to answer anything you are wondering about. If any one took any offence to this post, I do apologize, it is never my intent to offend anyone, I just like telling it as is. So that is the end of my ranting! Enjoy your day and always remember you are beautiful!

P.S. If you want to check out more on NALA click the link >