Summer 2019 Makeup Trends

Have you ever looked at your makeup haul and think to yourself, “I’m bored…” Well I’m here to add a little spice to your makeup routine and get you out of that rut! There are some new summer trends that have landed on the catwalk and they are super easy to replicate. Do you have your glass of wine ready?… Good now lets get inspired!

Bright Eyes

For this trend there is a focus on the eyes and adding pop to them. People have been using bright colours, neons or pastels to highlight the eyes and create a little drama. You can cover the entire eye area and blend it outwards or you can make it a little more subtle by highlighting the inner or outer corners of the eyes. Which ever way you want to take it this colour trend is definitely brightening things up this summer!

Bright Eyes Makeup Trend

Bright Eyes Makeup Trend

Bronzer Makeup Trend

Bronzer Makeup Trend


Have you ditched the bronzer because contouring is so last year? Well dust it off ladies because bronzer is back! But we aren’t using bronzer to contour with any more. We are taking the bronzer onto the cheekbones rather than underneath. This provides a nice sun kissed glow to the cheeks and really adds a soft natural colouring. Some looks have even brought a little bit of that bronzer onto the eyes to give a monochromatic look. Either way I’m happy to see bronzer back but in this beautiful sun kissed glow rather than a full on contour.


Virgin Brows

Ya you read that right! Brows are making a statement but not in an insta brow type of way. Brows are running wild and fuzzy, yet tamed. Seem confusing? Well you don’t need to be a makeup guru to master this brow look. All you need is some clear brow gel and fluff the brow hairs upwards. This creates fluffy, messy yet tamed brow look. For those who have sparse brows like myself you can use a coloured brow gel to add a little impact while still looking natural. This virgin brow look is fresh and simple yet provides a great frame for the face.

Virgin Brows Makeup Trend

Virgin Brows Makeup Trend

Graphic Glitters Makeup Trend

Graphic Glitters Makeup Trend

Graphic Glitters

Who is a huge fan of glitter? I know I am but not so much of the mess that comes with it. I will find glitter somewhere on my body months later, it just doesn’t go away. However, graphic glitter looks have made a splash and I’m actually contemplating digging my glitters out. Glitters can range from a chrome all the way up to actual crystals. Artists have created graphic liner or eyeshadow looks with these glitters to make a beautiful statement. These looks are amazing for any of you festival goers. For a work day maybe stick to a more subtle look before the boss thinks you’re walking the catwalk during lunch hour. 


No Makeup Makeup Look

This is always an all time favourite look for me. Its so simple and fresh and perfect for those hot summer days. The focus of this look is to create fresh, glowing skin while taking the focus away from the eyes. Eyes are either bare or have a minimal amount of mascara. I think the best products to use for this look to make life easy are a tinted moisturizer, balm blush, brow gel, lip tint and a setting spray. How easy is that?! If you’re one for those 10 step Korean glass skin care routines, you won’t even need any makeup!

No Makeup Makeup Trend

No Makeup Makeup Trend

Statement Lip Trend

Statement Lip Trend

Statement Lips

Have you ever wanted to wear a bold lip colour but thought it would be too much? Well worry no more because bold lips are in and they don’t have to be deep reds, burgundies or purples. These statement lip colours can be bright tones as well like a pink which is perfect for sunny summer days. I think throwing on a little mascara and a statement lip is a perfect and easy look that will rock all day from work to night out. 



Who has freckles? Not me… Who wishes they had freckles? Ya I must admit I do wish I had a few freckles. Well whether you have freckles or not they are the it look on the catwalk and these ladies look fabulous and youthful. A fresh face with minimal eye and lip makeup to allow those freckles to shine is such an easy yet gorgeous look! Now if you’re like me and don’t have freckles you can always put some faux freckles on by using a stippling brush. A lot of beauty gurus who have jumped on the freckle look have used a range of different products to get that perfect freckle look. They’ve used brow gels, pomades, pencils or markers/pens, cream contour, henna, and some have even used root touch up sprays for your hair. No matter what you use freckles are super cute and a must makeup look this summer.

Freckles Trend

Freckles Trend


Those are the main makeup trends for summer 2019. I think all the looks are simple and easy to do yet gorgeous. I always believe less is more so when I saw these trends hitting the runways I was really happy to see that we are starting to step back and tone down the amount of makeup used. We are all different and all beautiful in our own ways and I think we need to start embracing our natural beauty more. So it doesn’t matter if you have bomb lips but sparse brows or gorgeous eyes and thin lips. Take your best feature and play it up and keep everything else simple. We aren’t perfect so why try to fit a mould of perfection that society has pushed on us for years? It isn’t realistic. 

Ok beauties my rant is over. I hope you enjoyed the post today, I always love to hear what you think so you can comment or even email me your thoughts. If you feel like you need a little help in the makeup department, Serenity Beauty Bar does offer makeup workshops that range from a single feature focus to a full face lesson. I would be happy to show you some tips and tricks on achieving these trending looks or anything else you’ve been wanting to try. I’ve linked our makeup services page below for you to explore the workshops we offer.

Remember beauty babes, you are beautiful inside and out!

New Beauty Blog

I will have to admit this is all very new to me. So lets start by introducing myself. My name is Kait Rak and I am the owner and operator of Serenity Beauty Bar. I’ve been working in the beauty industry for a number of years now. I have to say, I never thought I would end up where I am today. I originally studied photography in University and Collage. 

How does a photographer become a beauty salon business owner? Good question! Sometimes I wonder that myself. But lets be real. I wanted to become a fashion photographer and release my creativity to the world. Hard truth… It sucks being a female “photographer” in that world. You are constantly picked at and judged for your appearance not by your skill set. After killing myself assisting for some bigger photographers and feeling like hell doing it, I decided I needed to rediscover myself. 

I had to get back to my creative roots, which for me has always been painting. I abandoned that dream when I was a kid when I had a hard truth that painters only make it big when they’re dead. Well I’m all for the starving artist life but I still love some sushi once in a while. 

How can I do what I love and still make a life out of it? My answer was in front of my face the whole time I was on set during photo shoots… a makeup artist. Yup! So I ditched the judgemental fashion photography scene and headed back to school for makeup artistry.

Now after going through university and collage this little go getter was a bit strapped for cash. So I did what I could with what I had and took an intensive one year makeup course that I loved! I learned so much from it even though most of the time my hair was falling out over how jammed pack it was with information and how I had to be perfect. 

After I graduated from beauty school I went to work for Sephora, yup I was a Sephora girl who had to wear that silly tunic that definitely looked like a Star Trek nightie. All jokes aside I did learn a lot from Sephora in terms of how to talk to people. I’ve always been an introvert who hated meeting new people. But living in Toronto and working where I did, helped me to break through and become more of my true self. 

After paying my dues in the retail life I needed a change. I love makeup up so much and I wanted to learn more but had no more resources to head back to school for special effects makeup. So what do I do? I reinvent myself again! I signed up to be a BeneBabe with Benefit Cosmetics and learned how to properly wax and shape eyebrows. But again I got dragged back into retail, where numbers mattered more than the artistry. So what should my next step be? If you guessed reinvent myself, yeah you’re about right! 

I have a friend who was working for a lash and brow bar in Toronto and she hooked me up with an apprenticeship to learn lashes and brows from the owner. Obviously I jumped on that opportunity because I wanted to keep learning and I had to get out of retail. So I learned lashes and I mean I learned everything with lashes, eyelash extensions, eyelash tints, eyelash lifts, you name it. I worked at this lash and brow bar for a while and I really enjoyed it but there always comes a time when a person needs to move on. 

I left and started freelancing and working part time for another lash bar. I can tell you this there are a lot of shady and uneducated lash bars in Toronto. It drove me up the wall working for someone who was so willing to cut corners and risk a person’s eye health for the sake of money. Needless to say I didn’t last long there. 

Long story short, here I am, I got the heck out of dodge, came back to my home town and built my own place. I learned quickly that I had to be my own boss because I am the type who will bust my butt to do anything and everything for my boss, but then the treatment you get in return leaves you feeling unappreciated and like a waste. So why kill myself like that for someone else? Why not just do that for me? So thats what I did and Serenity Beauty Bar was born! 

It was a long road through getting funding to renovations to actually opening the door to clients. But I am here and I am doing everything in my power to make it into something amazing. I’m not your typical business owner or boss, its super weird to call myself that, boss, huh. Any way I digress. The type of business owner and boss I want to be is one who is always there for their employees and clients. I’m one who loves education so if someone who works for me or gets services from me has questions, I will always answer them. 

I want my place to be the best place to come to where you can relax and enjoy yourself. I’m not pretentious, stuck up, judgemental or any of those snooty characteristics that I have found a lot of people have in the beauty industry, especially Toronto. I’m a pretty down to earth person who wants to help make someones day that extra bit special. I love making people feel good and I think what I am doing now is the best way to go about it.

Again long story short, thats me in a nut shell and thats how I got to where I am today. The other things I can tell you is that I hold multiple certifications in classic and volume eyelash extension applications and lash lift and tint applications. I am also a registered and accredited member and certified educator through the National Association for Lash Artists (NALA). 

NALA is an amazing organization that sets high standards for the lash industry and is always the leader in education and procedures. I will leave a link so you can take a look for yourself. 

I had no idea how I would start this blog off or what my first post should be, so I said screw it let me lay out who I am in black and white for everyone to get to know. Its time I fully exposed myself to my readers and clients. So with that being said I hope you enjoyed getting to know me and I hope you stop in and see me soon at Serenity Beauty Bar, located at 331 Bayfield st. second floor, wink wink, nudge nudge. No but in all seriousness I would love to have you stop in for a visit, even if its just to see the space, maybe ask some questions or actually come in for a service. I would love to meet you. 

As always if you have any questions or concerns always reach out, I am always here to answer anything you are wondering about. If any one took any offence to this post, I do apologize, it is never my intent to offend anyone, I just like telling it as is. So that is the end of my ranting! Enjoy your day and always remember you are beautiful!

P.S. If you want to check out more on NALA click the link >